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the present indicative irregulars

There are plenty of irregular verbs in the present tense (the present indicative). The most common are limited to those listed here.

Verbs are conjugated according to their verb ending: ar, er & ir.

Verbs ending in -ar

dar to give
I give eu dou
you/he/she gives você/ele/ela dá
we give nós damos
you all/they give vocês/eles/elas dão

Verbs ending in -er

ter to have
I have eu tenho
you/he/she has você/ele/ela tem
we have nós temos
you all/they have vocês/eles/elas têm

Verbs ending in -ir

dormir to sleep
I sleep eu durmo
you/he/she sleeps você/ele/ela dorme
we sleep nós dormimos
you all/they give vocês/eles/elas dormem