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or ending verbs

pôr, supor, dispor, propor, expor, compor
or ending verbs are RARE. This list is not complete, but these are really (really) the only ones you need to know.

pôr ➜ to put
supor ➜ to suppose
dispor ➜ to dispose
propor ➜ to propose
expor ➜ to expose
compor ➜ to propose

to put pôr
I put eu p onho
you/he/she put(s) você/ele/ela p õe

Complete conjugation.

The others are conjugated similarly in the present tense. 😻

to ___ [su, dis, pro…]pôr
I ___ eu [  ]p onho
you/he/she ___(s) você/ele/ela [  ]p õe

Present tense examples

pôr Põe o vinho na mesa por favor. Put the wine on the table please.

supor Vamos supor que um ET chegou aqui. Let's suppose that an ET came here.

compor Ele gosta de compor relatórios. He likes to produce reports.

Present tense examples

dispor Eu estou disposto a ajudar meus colegas. I'm willing to help my colleagues.

propor O presidente propôs adiar a reunião. The president proposed delaying the meeting.

expor O número exposto no documento. The number displayed (exhibited) in the document.