Num Corpo Só


You already know that learning a Portuguese song helps your language learning. But, did you know that it in-fact, super-charges you?

It does.

Images & music sets your brain in a highly stimulated state -- and that makes it record what is happening in a uniquely powerful way.

Here is a fantastic song by Maria Rita (category: MPB). It's the perfect type of song you should be "studying" -- it has useful vocab and isn't too poetic or abstract. It's full of useful phrases and verb tenses.

It starts out like this,

Eu tentei mas não deu pra ficar

Here's two verbs in the preterit tense (simple past): tentar and dar. And you already know about how the verb DAR can be used to say "work out".

And here's FICAR also -- used to mean "stay", as in "get with" ;-). Brazilian make sentences just like this all the time!

And the next line, it goes: I'm sick of waiting (ENJOAR = literally to become nauseated) is widely used:

Enjoei de esperar
Me cansei de querer encontrar
Um amor pra assumir teu lugar
É muito pouco,
Venha alegrar o meu mundo que anda vazio, vazio
Me deixa louca
É só beijar tua boca que eu me arrepio,
Arrepio, arrepio

Num Corpo Só

Here's an outtake of us trying to dub this song for the INTENSIVO series, A Virada.