Hurry up in Portuguese

hurry in Portuguese
You've heard it said: Brazil is a slow-paced world. Everything happens according to some tropical relógio (clock).

And that's true - mais ou menos. But being in a hurry, still happens here. There is always more to do than there is time to do it. Even in Brasil.

How to say hurry up in Portuguese

I wonder how this expression came to be. The more I think about it the stranger it seems. But let's do it! Let's talk about all of the ways you can express hurry, short on time, pressed for time and so on.

I don't have time right now. > Eu estou sem tempo no momento.
I'm in a hurry! > Eu estou com pressa.

ESTOU + COM is a specific word combination that gets used in specific situations.

She's always in a big rush! > Ela está sempre na correria.
I'm super rushed right now. > Estou super apressado(a) agora.
Hurry up, please. > Rápido por favor!

Those are the most useful examples. Are there others?