Dia Internacional do Samba


We all have our own unsolved mysteries about SAMBA, right?

  • Do you really have to go to a samba school to learn samba?
  • Is there some store where you buy those outfits?
  • Can men samba too? Does it mean you're gay if you do?
  • It's just like salsa - but with less clothing?

It just goes on, and on.

Today is Brasil's day of officially recognizing this insane movement of the feet and body that is as much fun to do as it is to watch ;-). What can we learn from this word? Besides giving me a legitimate reason to post pictures of scantily clad samba girls, I have something of lasting value to teach you all! Ready?

(1) Did you know that the noun samba is masculine? It's o samba.

(2) And, did you know that you can use SAMBAR as a verb?

And I bet you've heard SAMBAR in any one of several very popular Brazilian songs posted below here for your study pleasure.

Let's look at this the noun and verb versions in action:

o samba, sambar

sambar to dance the samba dance!
I samba eu samb o
you/he/she samba(s) vocĂȘ/ele/ela samb a
Eu quero sambar! > I want to samba!
o samba > the samba
Hoje eu vou sambar. > Today I'm going to dance samba.

Mas Que Nada - Jorge Ben (Nossa cover)

Eu Sou O Samba - Seu Jorge