CONSEGUIR in Portuguese

Are you getting sick of my posts that just deal with a verb? It's not for lack of other subjects, it's just that the VERB IS KEY to building sentences and, fluency.
Verbs are also handled very differently in Portuguese. We use phrasal-verbs extensively: get-over, get-going, get-ahead, get-away and on, and on, and on. It's really much simpler in Portuguese. There is a specific verb for most of these. It's very clear. Must be a nightmare for learners of English!

CONSEGUIR in Portuguese

This is a key verb. Brazilians use it all_the_time.
Use it to express to get, to succeed in (an objective).
It's confusing because there are other verbs for expressing these ideas also. So let's get specific.

Let's let the examples show you:

Did you get a job? > Você conseguiu um emprego?
Let me know if you get to speak with her. > Me avise se você conseguir falar com ela.
Were you able to get tickets? > Você conseguiu ingressos?
Are you going to be able to pick me up? > Você vai conseguir me buscar?
Can you pay with cash? > Consegue pagar com dinheiro?
Conseguiu entender?

Hey! You may be noticing that there exist several ways to say some of these examples (above). That's always the case. Language is flexible. But imagine for a moment that instead of saying, "Conseguiu entender?" we'd said, "Pode entender?" The PODE would give the sense of literally "were you able to understand" rather than, "did you get it?" Portuguese verb knowledge is one the keys to fluency.

From the video learning course, INTENSIVO.