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the Present Subjunctive

Portuguese Present Subjunctive


In Portuguese there are several ways to talk about the future, each with varying shades of meaning.  The present subjunctive is used to show that some idea or action is hypothetical. For example,

I hope that you have a pair of sunglasses is hypothetical. So is, Do you want me to speak to her?

HYPOTHETICAL situations include those that express desire, emotion, improbability, give commands, and to express opinion.


espero que; caso que; é importante que; é possivel que; é necessário que; are triggers for this tense.

Some examples:

Do you want me drive? > Você quer que eu dirija?
I hope that you talk to her today. > Eu espero que você fale com ela hoje.
It’s important that you understand everything. > É importante que você entenda tudo.
Do you want me to send it by email? > Você quer que eu mande por email?

There is a pattern to the conjugation and rather than explain it, just see if you can get it by example:

-ar present subjunctive regular verbs

that I speak que eu fal e
that he speaks que ele fal e
that we speak que nós fal emos
that they speak que eles fal em

-er and -ir present subjunctive regular verbs

that I eat que eu com a
that he eats que ele com a
that we eat que nós com amos
that they eat que eles com am
Learn about the other subjunctive forms here: the Future Subjunctive and the Imperfect Subjunctive.

11 Responses to “the Present Subjunctive”

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  2. Pat says : Reply

    So are these terms something I need to learn before I continue on with my learning of Portuguese? Should I take an English course to learn them or just read a book? We weren’t taught these in school, only nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and pronouns. Very basic things. I’m headed down to Brasil for the tenth time for 26 days so hopefully I’ll be able to practice! Thanks! Pat

  3. John says : Reply

    In the first example, “diriga” might be “dirija”, no?

  4. kelly jere says : Reply

    Transilate. if I knew that you are a bitch. I would not have bought you lunch

  5. Roger says : Reply

    Maybe they changed the title, but it does say, “Brazilian Portuguese – the Present Subjunctive.”
    I clicked on it thinking they would talk about the present subjunctive, and they did.
    Either way, Tá Falado is a great tool too.

  6. Geocarlos says : Reply

    I think the title does not match the content, you only show the “present subjunctive” (presente do subjuntivo).
    Tá Falado has a good explanation on “future subjunctive”. Please check it out on this page: