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Fazer in portuguese: talking about what you did


In portuguese, talking about what you did is simple.
There are no do's and did's like in english.
What did you do?
Brazilians use the verb FAZER.

What did you do yesterday? > O que você fez ontem?
How did you do that? > Como você fez isso?
Did you do your homework? > Você fez seu deve de casa?

Let the verb FAZER 'do' all the doing.

FAZER in portuguese is very irregular. It gets conjugated into the "simple past" (the preterite tense) like this:


to make,do

I did eu fiz
you/he/she did você,ele,ela fez
we did nós fiz emos
they, you all did vocês, eles, elas fiz eram

(more irregulars)

Fazer in the present: